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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 10, 2014)– When Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers and agents of the HUD Office of the Inspector General raided Latosha Ruffin’s apartment last month, they expected to find evidence of public housing fraud.

What they found were links between Ruffin and her boyfriend, accused killer Major Davis II.

Davis faces the death penalty for the July 5th murder ofIMPD Patrolman PerryRenn behind a residence in the Indianapolis Housing Authority’s Section 8 program.

Officer Perry Renn
Officer Perry Renn

Though an investigation into housing fraud and internal theft was underway last spring, the probe took off following the murder of officer Renn.

Ruffin is the mother of Davis’ children and claimed in March that her fiance was in prison and unable to provide her any financial help in raising the family thereby qualifying her for public housing assistance.

Evidence seized in the October 9 raid of Ruffin’s apartment at Beechwood Garden, an IHA property on the east side, cast doubt on her claim.

“Latosha Ruffin signed and submitted a false statement regarding child support compensation,” reads an Affidavit for Probable Cause accompanying a recently filed search warrant return, “declaring Major P. Davis was in prison.”

The investigators found no proof Davis was in prison at the time of the application.

Major Davis
Major Davis II

Ruffin also provided a signed statement that claimed Davis provided her with $400 per month in assistance, however, if Davis was in prison, as Ruffin claimed, “The affiants from their training and experience have never encountered anyone in prison earning $400 per month from lawful sources in the State of Indiana.”

“If you have someone on the program who doesn’t deserve to be on the program there are at least 10-15 families out there who are waiting to be on the program and can’t because someone else is committing fraud to be on the program,” said IHA Executive Director Rufus Bud Myers.

Investigators also found evidence linking Ruffin to Davis and his murder case.

The search warrant return under the heading “Perry Renn” lists, “MCC report dated 07/05/2014 reflects print generated 08/05/2014.”

The listing indicates Ruffin’s copy of the Marion County Coroner’s Verdict in the killing of Police Officer Renn allegedly by Major Davis was printed one month to the day after the shootout at a backyard cookout.

Also listed is a letter, seized from Ruffin’s apartment, from “Trey Day” to Davis in which the writer refers to the accused man’s attorney and adds, “Bro saved me because if that police would’ve let off more shots I was done for.” “I told yo lawyer to tell you I said what up and right on for saving me from the bullets that could’ve hit me.” “Them things would’ve tore me apart cause tell the truth the police couldn’t aim for nothin.” “It was a bullet hole all the way down at the bottom of the house.” “I’m done with all this stupid stuff fo real cause I’m facing 12 years.”

Also listed in the inventory of items taken during the raid on Ruffin’s apartment were the driver’s license and social security card of a woman who reported her purse stolen at an east side store two years ago.

Ruffin has been arrested several times on shoplifting charges.

Investigators also raided the Beechwood Garden apartment of Ruffin’s mother, Pam Moorman, who formerly lived at 4067 East 34th Street, the home where Officer Renn was killed.

In the investigation linked to the East 34th Street house, investigators allege that “Pam Moorman signed and submitted a false statement regarding child support compensation on 02/28/2014 declaring Mark Jefferson was in prison.”

Investigators said they could find no proof Jefferson was in prison at the time.

A background investigation found Moorman was the subject of, “multiple alias names and alias dates of birth, this includes at least 52 criminal arrests from 1998 to 2014 in Marion, Hamilton and Bartholomew counties and more than 50 police reports.”

The Affidavit goes on to describe, “Moorman and her immediate and extended family members are prolific shoplifters and professional grifters.”

“We’re not finding as much violent crime associated with housing that there used to be,” said Myers.  “I want all of those who would do something that’s fraudulent, would do something that’s illegal while on the program to know we’re very very vigilant about that.”

Charges are expected to be filed within in the week regarding the housing fraud allegations, an internal theft probe and an insurance fraud case that was uncovered during the investigation.