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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 11, 2015) – One of the hottest items on holiday toy lists are electric hoverboards. They’re so hot, some are bursting into flames.

“[We are] investigating at least 10 reports of hoverboard fires in nine states,” said Patty Davis at the Consume Products Safety Commission. Those states are Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York and Washington. No hoverboard fires have been reported in Indiana.

The Commission opened an investigation and they say they’re taking it very seriously.

“This is a high priority investigation by this agency,” said Davis. “We know how popular the product is and we know that consumers are giving the product as a gift during the holidays.”

Friday, a handful of major airlines announced that these hoverboards are on the no-fly list.

Delta cited their own investigation into product specifications, stating, “This investigation revealed devices often contain battery varieties above the government mandated 160 watt hour limit permitted aboard aircraft.”

The Commission says its investigation is even broader.

“CPSC is looking into the safety of the entire product line of hoverboards,” said Davis. “We are working all across the country to move our investigation forward as quickly as possible.

Another dangerous factor of concern: some hoverboards are being sold are fakes, many times with appealing lower prices.

“Buy hoverboards from a reputable company where you get a warranty, you don’t want to buy it from a mall kiosk and make sure that it has a certification from a national testing laboratory,” said Davis.

General safety is a concern for many families considering hoverboards. The Commission cites 29 fall-related injuries, including fractures, sprains, strains and abrasions.