PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. — As prices on groceries rise, along with gas, experts say buying in bulk could be a good way to stretch your dollar.

Traditionally, when you think of buying in bulk you think of warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. Some experts say shopping at those stores can help you save.

“That can add up after a while,” Andy Mattingly, COO of Forum Credit Union, said.

However, you probably don’t think of a farm when buying in bulk.

“Grocery store prices are going up for food but it’s also happening here on the farm a little bit too,” cattle farmer Jennie Hodgen said.

Hodgen owns a farm in northern Putnam County and raises cattle that are eventually turned into beef. Meat has seen some of the biggest price increases, but she said buying from a local farm could help you save. 

“Just like in the grocery store, the more volume you buy the cheaper it is,” Hodgen said.

Hodgen and farmers across the state offer wholesale cattle where you can purchase a whole cow, half or even a quarter. It will be processed and ready to put in your freezer until you need it. 

“You can get some of those more affordable cuts that you may not be able to find as readily in your local grocery store,” Hodgen said.

Other farms offer similar wholesale programs for other animals including pigs and chickens. Whatever route you chose, experts say right now it’s best to shop around. 

“Maybe you need to do a little bit more comparison shopping,” Mattingly said. “Even on food to make sure you’re getting the best prices on those things.”

To find a farmer near you can visit the Indiana Beef Council or Indiana Grown.