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INDIANAPOLIS — On Thursday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced a plan to return $1 billion of state reserve tax payer money back to Hoosiers in an effort to make up for rising inflation.

Under the current plan, each tax payer would collect about $225, in addition to $125 they are currently getting from the state’s automatic taxpayer refund.

If Hoosiers do indeed have tax refunds sent to help with inflation costs: how should they spend that money?

“That goes pretty fast. Groceries right now are so much more expensive that I don’t even know if I would notice $225,” said Indiana tax payer Emily Anderson.

“I’d buy a tank of gas for my Ford-150, and the rest of it would go to groceries,” said Henry Burke.”From a quarter tank right now it takes $75 to fill that tank up.”

Financial experts suggest people put that cash toward common future expenses like gas or groceries. They encourage Hoosiers to look at the refund not as a stimulus check, but like money already spent.

“I view it as five or six trips to the grocery store that were too expensive, so this makes up for the gap,” explained Peter Dunn, CEO of Your Money Line. “We are basically being reimbursed the money we spent due to inflation.”

The Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis doesn’t believe $225 dollars is enough for the state’s low income families. They have reached out to law makers, encouraging them to divvy out the money on an income scale.

“We want them to go to work right? We don’t want it to become such a barrier where people are going to try to go to government subsidy because they can’t afford to drive this car to work,” said Reverend David Greene, president of the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis. “There is a difference between the person who’s trying to make it, and the person who is just going to jump on Amazon and order something in the cart. What I hate to see is now I can’t afford gas, so they are at the gas station trying to hijack somebody. These things lead to violence.”

Reverend Greene would like to see the state use more of their reserve money to get family’s through inflation. Governor Holcomb wants to call a special session at the end of June to implement his plan.