How much will it cost you to cheer on Peyton Manning at the Super Bowl?

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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s no secret that many football fans in Indianapolis still love Peyton Manning.

“Obviously I’m a Colts fan being here in Indianapolis, but considering we didn’t make it to the playoffs, if the Broncos can make it, we’re big Peyton fans, so we’re happy for that,” said Bryan Sobek.

But how far are fans willing to go to cheer on the quarterback as he tries to win Super Bowl XLVIII?

“I’m a Colts fan first and foremost,” said Jason Morris. “I’d be happy to see Peyton win for his purpose, but I’m not going to root for the Broncos just because Peyton Manning’s on the team.”

Sobek said, “With (the Super Bowl) here and being able to see how everything went, it was a wonderful experience and if I had the money to go, yeah, I’d go!”

Oh yes. That money factor.

As of Monday, you could get round trip tickets for two on Southwest, Delta, AirTran and United for around $1,100. The price jumps a few hundred dollars if you fly into Newark.

According to TripAdvisor flights, lowest economy round-trip airfares are departing Friday, Jan. 31 and returning Monday, Feb. 3.

If you’d rather take a road trip, downtown Indy to Times Square is 712 miles if you take 70E the bulk of the way. According to Gas Buddy, the current average is $3.27 a gallon. Calculating with the MPG of a FOX 59 Honda CRV, it’s a little more than $200 round trip in gas.

Fifty-six percent of greater New York City area hotels evaluated by TripAdvisor still have rooms available, ranging from a few hundred to more than $1,000 a night. You can find rooms on the New Jersey side for less than $100 a night at lower-rated hotels.

As for tickets to the big game, the leading provider of ticket market data says as of Monday, the average ticket price is $4,736.

None of this even factors in money for food or souvenirs!

“It’s lot of money for the average person,” said Morris. “I would consider it, but it’d have to be the right circumstances. I don’t know if I would want to do it just to see Peyton Manning. If it was the Colts, that would be probably the only reason I’d go.”

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