The official temperature for the city of Indianapolis topped 95°, the hottest in four years.

Summer began officially at 5:13 am Tuesday. We will have nearly 15 hours of daylight today with a sunset at 9:17 pm in Indianapolis. The ‘longest days’ of the year are June 20th, 21st and 22nd each producing nearly 15 hours of daylight, then the days begin to shorten, thankfully slowly!

Fitting for the first day of summer. As we forecast last week, we reached 95° today officially for the city of Indianapolis. This is the HOTTEST DAY in four years and only the second time in eight years this hot. Our last 95° day was Memorial Day 2018.

Scanning weather records 95° or higher is certainly hard to come by but only a few years have produced several 95° or higher days. Most recently was the awfully hot summer of 2012 with 25 days and we had 16 in 2011. The summer of 2012 ranked second most with the number of days that hot, 1988 produced 23 days and the most dates back to the Dust Bowl era days of the 1930s. In 1936, the city of Indianapolis reached or exceeded 95-degrees thirty-one days. Each of those summers were very dry. And that’s becoming a problem here again this year.


Flash drought conditions appear to be underway in central Indiana. What is it? The quick, sudden onset of drought-like conditions. The lack of rainfall and abnormally high temperatures are taking a toll quickly. Three weeks into June we are well over 2″ below normal in Indianapolis and most reporting stations are in a deficit. Though downpours last week were drenching they were very selective. The last rainfall was early Friday when gusty storms delivered big rainfall totals in southern-central Indiana. These conditions could worsen but flash drought does NOT always lead to prolonged drought.

We need rain and we could get under some downpours on Wednesday as a cold front passes during the peak heat of the afternoon hours. While we could see a few storms is still looks to be quite selective with rainfall coverage only peaking at 20%.