INDIANAPOLIS — While Halloween is a fun time for parents and kids, veterinarians say we shouldn’t forget how the holiday can affect pets.

The lights, costumes and strangers at the door can make Halloween a stressful experience for our furry friends. The best way to help them, vets say, is to limit their exposure by putting them in a room or kennel where you can lock the door.

“That way, they’re not going to be the ones that bolt, or get super scared and then they might bite someone,” said Dr. Chris Robinette, a vet with the Pet Wellness Clinic. “So, I just put them in a safe space where they’re more confined so that way they won’t run away, hurt someone, or hurt themselves.”

Experts also advised against leaving candy in easy reach of pets, as it can be toxic for the animals in the house. Additionally, Robinette had some things to consider before buying your animal a costume.

“Just be very careful when you get a costume for a pet with things that like to dangle,” Robinette said. “Pets think it might be a toy for them so just be careful when you’re putting it around their head it’s not very tight, it could like choke them or cause them more distress.”

Additionally, Halloween decorations can be an issue for some pets.

“These smaller kinds of decorations like lights and stuff we see, I’ve had plenty of times where cats and dogs have gotten into and ingested these products and required surgery,” Robinette said. “So just be very careful about where you’re placing them or if your pets eat stuff that they shouldn’t definitely be careful.”

Finally, Robinette advised pet owners to get their animals some wearable identification.

“Always make sure your pets have proper identification too, with ID tags on their collars or microchips,” he said. “I typically do both because collars can slip off or break and so that way if they were to slip away you can be contacted appropriately.”