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Are you a person who likes to find a deal when it comes to last-minute sports tickets? Or maybe you need a ticket to a sold-out concert? In many cases, purchasing tickets from an online reseller is a quick and easy option but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says “buyer beware”. It can be easy to fall for fake ticket scams and/or simply overpay for the ticket itself.

The BBB suggests to follow these tips to navigate your resale options and avoid running into scams:

  • Look for ticket resellers that protect their buyers. Ticket resellers should have consumer protection and/or be registered with the National Association of Ticket Brokers.
  • Buying from a reseller that also sells primary tickets adds a layer of protection for the buyer. Large ticket companies such as Live Nation and Ticketmaster will invalidate the original ticket and give the buyer a new bar code to use. This is to make sure that the buyer is the only one in possession of the resale ticket.
  • Review the policies before purchasing a ticket. Only purchase a ticket from a provider that gives explicit details about the terms of the transaction and how the buyer will be refunded if the ticket ends up being fake.
  • Buy resell tickets with a credit card. Using a credit card helps protect you if the tickets are not given to the buyer as promised. Watch out for sellers who ask for unusual forms of payment such as gift cards or wiring money.

The BBB also wants to make sure buyers find the best deal on resold tickets:

  • Compare prices. Compare major resellers and look for the best deals. Sometimes it pays to shop around for tickets. This list of online ticket resellers from Consumer Affairs is a good place to start. The buyer can also check the business’s profile on to make sure they are a reputable business.
  • Account for extra fees. Make sure to include hidden/extra fees in your comparison shopping. Some resellers don’t disclose their fees until you are ready to pay.
  • Most likely, it pays to wait. Waiting to buy a ticket within the week of the event, rather than buying a ticket more than a month in advance, will most likely give the buyer a lower price.

Bottom line: do your research. You will not regret it.