How to stop annoying robocalls once and for all

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — We’ve all experienced this — you answer your phone only to have an automated voice on the other end. It’s not your imagination, these robocalls are worse than ever.

Last year the attorney general’s office said they received 3,500 complaints about robocalls, and tech experts say these scammers are more sophisticated than in years past.

“They’re unsolicited. It’s something you’re not expecting, and a lot of times it’s not an actual human on the other end,” said Rook Security Chief Technology Officer Mat Gangwer.

Neighborhood spoofing is the latest tactic.

“They can make it appear that it’s a local number. It’s not an 800 number, so it makes it more likely the person receiving the call will pick up because they think it’s close to home or something is wrong,” he explained.

Experts say the easiest and cheapest way to avoid them is just don’t answer.

“If you answer it, it could be a check box that then somebody makes your number is a valid number and there is a person at the other end,” Gangwer added.

Apps to Stop Scammers

There are also apps you can download like Robokiller or Hiya and services provided by your carrier that could eliminate the amount you get a day.

Attorney General looking to crack down on robocalls

Last year, Attorney General Curtis Hill announced he was working with other state attorney generals to crack down on the illegal calls using new strategies and technology.

Still, it could be a while before we see any improvements.

Federal and State ‘Do Not Call’ lists 

Make sure you’re on the federal “do not call list.” You can put your number on Indiana’s list by clicking here. 

You can also file a complaint with the FTC, but that does not guarantee  fraudsters will stop calling, especially the ones overseas.

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