Hundreds rally against IPL coal-fired plant

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More than 100 gathered at the Indiana State Museum Saturday.  Their message; they are sick of “big coal.”  The group says using it, as an energy source, is a thing of the past.

“It is really important that in the 21st century we stop using 19th century methods of generating our power,” said organizer Jodi Perras.

Organizers, like Jodi Perras, are focussing on the Harding Street coal plant.  They want it shut down for good.

“88% of the toxic emissions in Marion County come from that Harding Street plant,” said Perras.  “We want to see IPL retire that plant as soon as possible.”

According to the Clean Air Task Force, the Harding Street Plant is at least partially responsible for:

– 76 deaths
– 120 heart attacks
– 55 people hospitalized
– 1,300 asthma attacks every year.

“The public is demanding that IPL make better business choices that benefit the community at large, and not solely the profits of their shareholders,” said Kerwin Olson of the Citizens Action Coalition.

Donald Davenport said he showed up to the rally to start what he feels is a life-saving discussion.

“It is important for everyone,” said Davenport.  “It is everyone’s future we are talking about, our children’s future, and for the present too. ”

Davenport knew the rally would not change things right away, but he hoped it would start the journey toward long-term change.

“At least opening the eyes to alternative situations,” said Davenport.

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