Hundreds turn out to pay their respects to Officer Rod Bradway

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Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to the family of Rod Bradway. Family members, friends and perfect strangers attended Wednesday’s visitation.

Quite possibly one of the most gripping moments was when police chief Rick Hite held and comforted the Bradway’s widow. It was the first time you could see the toll that this has taken on Bradway’s family.

Later, the showing for his viewing was enormous with a line of people stretching to the parking lot. Each person wanted to say goodbye to a hero, to someone special.

“At the end of the day, he was somebody’s father, husband, and I think people forget that,” said Officer Kristi Allen-Green.

“You just want to say thank you to the family for the services and the ultimate price of his life,” said Dorothy Miller.

Miller made it a point to come out. She said someone special to her was the victim of domestic violence. And she knows that is what officer Bradway was responding to inside a west side apartment last week. It’s where he was shot and took one of his last few breaths.

“And that took a lot of nerve, but I feel like every time they put on a uniform and step out, they’re putting their lives on the lines for citizens like me,” said Miller.

Inside the funeral home, police chief Hite presented a flag as a way to honor Bradway’s dedication to the protection of Indianapolis. Bradway was also presented with the IMPD Medal of Honor and Purple Heart.

Chief Hite says we must continue on, even in pain.

“We have cops who have not gone to sleep because they are still working the street to make sure we are safe. They’re making it clear that the bad guys are not going to win,” said Chief Hite.

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