Hustler Hollywood sues Indianapolis after officials block Castleton store

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An adult business is suing the City of Indianapolis after city officials blocked it from opening a store next to a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant.

Hustler Hollywood was trying to move into the Castleton area. Representatives came to town to fight the Adult Services Establishment designation the City gave them. Hustler even pledged to keep certain words and images off their signs and make it more “family friendly,” but the Board of Zoning Appeals still felt they would be an Adult Entertainment Store.

Now the business is taking legal action suing the City for damages saying Hustler Hollywood had already signed a 10-year lease and even began renovating.

Jonathan Eriksen of the Greater Allisonville Community Council feels the lawsuit is all for show.

“The idea that they’ve started renovations? I don’t know what they would’ve done. The building looks terrible,” he said.  “The City of Indianapolis can probably handle themselves.  We are there and we’re ready to rally and we’re ready to show support for the positions that we’ve taken over the last few months.”

Eriksen worked with Republican Councilor Christine Scales to fight the Hustler Hollywood store. In a statement to FOX59 News, Scales criticized the lawsuit.

“I question the grounds for the suit. If Hustler did not receive the permits they requested, as the city put them on hold, they shouldn’t have commenced with any work. It is thus their own fault if they lost money due to “work already begun”. Also, if in their attempt to prove Indpls zoning laws unconstitutional, and win, then in effect Indianapolis- and no other city, can have any zoning laws. And-I’m not sure their case wouldn’t be thrown out until they have exhausted the appeals process available to parties who wish to challenge the BZA decision. Our zoning appeals process only allows for one option following a negative decision from the BZA-an appeal to a judge.”

We reached out to attorneys for Hustler and are still waiting for a comment.

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