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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It has been an arduous road construction season for INDOT  but the last scheduled full road closure is finishing up one day early.

Workers are pulling away the construction barrels on the southeast side of the city along southbound I-465 from I-70 to I-65 as that portion of interstate had been closed almost two weeks so that refurbishing and patching of the interstate could take place.

That work was mirrored almost two weeks ago in the opposite direction which also had that portion of the interstate closed for that work to be done.

INDOT begin the construction season hearing of numerous road problems from potholes to road erosion and other traffic issues and decided to tackle those issues  head-on but realized to accomplish that task they would need to close portions of the interstate in places for extended periods of time.

Those closures brought about some vigorous complaints from drivers, but as  Mallory Duncan, spokesperson for INDOT pointed out, once drivers realized benefit of getting all the work done within a specific time frame they adjusted to the inconveniences rather well.

“It took a day or two to get adjusted to the area where the work was being done, but they learned pretty well to adjust their driving habits to help minimize their delays. It is never easy to close any part of an interstate and tell people to find alternate routes but the problems for any of the closures that we had were really minimal and that speaks volumes about how well the drivers adapted.”

While total scheduled closures are complete for 2019, there are still road projects that will continue around the interstate, including the north-east side along I-465 between 71st and Keystone Avenue in both directions as well as along I-865 from I-465 to I-65 and of course the extension of I-69 from Martinsville to Indianapolis will continue for the next several years.