East side woman fears for her life after boyfriend accused of attacking her is released from jail

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UPDATE (Jan. 23, 2020)-- Roger Bowman Jr. is out of jail after posting a $500 bond.  Allie Whitaker said she has a protective order against Bowman but now fears for her life since he's been released pending trial.

The judge overruled the prosecutor’s request for a higher bond. Bowman was ordered to report to Community Corrections to be fitted for a GPS monitoring unit.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Allie Whitaker’s knees trembled as we talked inside a safe house far away from the east side home where she said her boyfriend beat and choked her last week before crashing his truck into the back of a Family Dollar store Sunday morning.

“He’s a silver-tongued devil,” she said. “I looked into the face of the Devil and he doesn’t have horns. He’s got blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve been saying that since I got away from him.”

Roger Bowman, Jr., 29, is locked up inside the Marion County Jail awaiting an initial hearing Tuesday morning on a charge of crashing his vehicle while drunk in the 2100 block of West Morris Street, and also for the alleged attack on Whitaker.

“So we started to fight and he hit me a few times and I bolted for the backdoor,” said Whitaker as she recalled the early afternoon battle of January 14th.  “He dragged me down the hallway by my hair back into the bedroom and was like, ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ and he called me the 'B' word. ‘You’re just a stupid 'B' word.’ And that’s when he started to choke me up against the wall in between the bed and the wall. At some point we got up and he basically put me in a full nelson and lifted me off my feet.”

Whitaker claimed that wasn’t the first time Bowman had put hands on her.

“The week we went to my grandmother’s house we got into a fight. It got a little physical. I went through some drywall. Got back into my nose and blackened both of my eyes. It just excessively gotten worse. I started getting hit with tools like extensions for socket wrenches. Actually last week he hit me with a Remington hammer shot which is a concrete nail gun.”

Whitaker was by Bowman’s side as he served a year on probation following a 2018 conviction on a gun charge, but six weeks after he was discharged from probation, Whitaker said Bowman was outside a relative’s house waving a baseball bat at her.

Whitaker explained that despite the beatings and threats, “He told me that it wouldn’t happen again and he loved me and it was just because he was drinking.

“Everybody asked me why I stayed for so long and it was because I was intimidated, like the intimidation factor, and the Stockholm syndrome you get.”

Last week, a relative interceded and IMPD was called to Whitaker’s house as she stood in the driveway nursing her injuries from the latest attack.

“He wouldn’t come out of the house so they couldn’t do anything,” said Whitaker. “As he was leaving, him and the cop passed by and the cop turned around real quick and they’re already gone.”

On Friday, a detective filed domestic violence charges against Bowman and a judge set a $500 bond and ordered Bowman put on home monitoring if he was ever arrested, jailed and released.

Less than two days later, Bowman was discovered inside his wrecked pickup truck out back of the store he struck.

There’s a $250 bond on the OWI case, and while he was in jail Sunday night, Bowman was served with a protective order to stay away from Whitaker.

“What is your fear about 24 hours from now when he’s released again?” I asked Whitaker.

“That he’ll come find me,” she answered.  “He’ll try to come find me.”

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