MUNCIE, Ind. — It’s been nearly two months since the mass shooting in Muncie killed one person and wounded 17 others.

The woman who was run over by a car during the chaos talked about her extensive recovery and her plea for your help in tracking down the driver of the car that hit her.

The scars from July 30 have yet to heal for Shealyn Orr.

Someone driving a white jeep ran over her while speeding away from a shooting at a block party in Muncie.

An image of Shealyn Orr recovering in the hospital. Photo provided by family.

“I’m just under there (the car) begging like just stay alive, thinking about my kids because I didn’t want to leave them,” said Orr.

Orr was rushed to Methodist Hospital and put on a ventilator with extensive injuries. Her right leg was shredded.

She had a broken collar bone, ribs and pelvis. Her lung had collapsed and her spine was fractured in three places.

While a memorial sits at the corner of East Willard and South Hackley, Orr says it’s the memory of what happened there that night that still haunts her to this day.

“I still have nightmares. I still wake up out of my sleep from it,” said Orr.

The Muncie Police Department has arrested two people in connection to the shooting. So far, no arrests have been made for whoever hurt Orr.

“What’s taking them so long with my case?” Questioned Orr. “It’s like what about me? You guys solved the shooting, you got the killers and stuff, what about me? What about what happened to me? Do I matter?”

The mother of three struggles to get around each day and currently uses a walker. And while her prognosis is uncertain, there’s one thing she does know.

Whoever did this needs to come forward.

“Just turn yourself in,” said Orr. “Like, I’m not mad. I don’t hate you. I can’t say I’m not mad because my life has changed. The only thing I can say is turn yourself in. Get it over with.”

FOX59/CBS4 reached out multiple times to Muncie PD for an update in the search for who hit Orr but has not heard back.