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PLAINFIELD, IN. (Aug. 6, 2015) — Ronald Reagan Parkway has only been open through Plainfield for about two and a half years, but it’s quickly become one of the heaviest traveled roads in Hendricks County.

“We do have a lot of warehouses on our east side of town and that’s where the majority of our crashes are, again due to the high volume,” said Sergeant Tom Kinman with the Plainfield Police Department.

In 2014, there were 45 crashes at the intersection of Ronald Reagan Pkwy and US-40.  That’s almost twice as many as the intersection with the second highest crash total in Plainfield, Stafford Rd. at South Perry Rd.

“As far as Ronald Reagan and US-40, the majority of the crashes we have there are people being impatient, and making a left turn while other cars are going straight through,” said Sgt. Kinman.

After we went through the crash data, we noticed a third of these crashes happened at night, and that’s surprising since most of the traffic in this area is commercial and traveling during rush hour.

“At night time, we have some crashes I think that might contribute due to the low lighting in the area . Ronald Reagan is a new road, not new but newer road, and it’s a little further out there on the city limits so it’s not lit yet, to the level that it probably will be,” said Sgt. Kinman.

We reached out to the Indiana Department of Transportation to find out why there isn’t more lighting on US-40 at Ronald Reagan Pkwy.

INDOT officials told us “Over the next few days INDOT will look more into how many night time crashes took place in the three year crash history.”