INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metropolitan police are investigating after an SUV rammed into an apartment at a Super 8 Motel on Indy’s northeast side, leaving seven people displaced Monday evening.

Firefighters with the Indianapolis Fire Department were dispatched around 6:25 p.m. Monday to 7202 E. 82 Street, which is the listed address for a Super 8 Motel, after receiving reports that a car had collided with one of its apartments.

IFD said preliminary information indicates the vehicle was backed into the front wall of the apartment. No injuries were reported. Although the incident remains under investigation, IFD said it believes the crash was “an unfortunate accident.”

Witnesses said the SUV was attempting to park when it accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of braking, IFD said.

A woman was sitting on a couch inside the apartment at the time the crash occurred, according to IFD. Firefighters found the woman covered with dust and debris as they arrived to survey the full extent of the damage. She did not sustain any injuries, IFD said.

IFD confirmed that the woman’s roommate was not home at the time of the accident and that a dog was also left unharmed.

The woman reportedly told IFD that she observed four men inside the truck who briefly fled the scene of the crash before returning a short time later.

In addition to securing the scene of the crash at the first-floor apartment, firefighters also assisted a teenager and two children who were stuck on the second floor as a result of the stairs being damaged during the crash.

A ground ladder was used to safely lower to the ground floor, IFD said.

IFD confirmed that a total of two occupied units were affected by the crash, leaving four adults, three children and one dog displaced.

The damage was later deemed to be “more cosmetic than structural,” according to IFD. The displaced residents will be moved into new units at the motel while repair work begins.

IMPD will lead the investigation into incident.