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INDIANAPOLIS — Governor Eric Holcomb’s decision to veto a bill that dealt with banning transgender girls from playing girls’ sports, is now receiving support from the head of the state’s high school athletics organization.

The commissioner of the Indiana High School Athletic Association released a statement Wednesday about the veto of HB1041.

Commissioner Paul Neidig said that during the legislative process he had expressed reservations about the bill only addressing a single gender and that the language included in HB1041 did not adequately address all of the issues at hand.

He added that the IHSAA works to maintain fairness and equity in education-based athletics.

The full statement from Commissioner Paul Neidig read:

In an ever-changing world, the IHSAA continues to work tirelessly to maintain fairness and equity in all education-based athletics. Protecting the integrity of girls sports is a worthy cause. That said, the specific language included in HB1041 does not adequately address all of the issues at hand.
As Commissioner of the Association, I support Governor Holcomb’s decision regarding his veto of HB1041. Throughout the legislative process, I publicly expressed reservations with the proposed legislation only addressing a single gender and the grievance procedure.
The Association appreciates the Governor’s perspective in recognizing the IHSAA’s gender policy, which was originally written in 2006 and updated in 2017. Our policy is rooted in the Association’s substantial interest in students’ health and safety, in competitive equity, in safeguarding a level playing field, and in ensuring that there is fair opportunity for athletic participation in a manner that enhances the education of all high school students. Through Governor Holcomb’s veto, this policy continues to allow the flexibility to assess competitive advantage in each unique case.

Paul Neidig, Commissioner, Indiana High School Athletic Association

On Tuesday, House Republicans announced plans to override the governor’s veto of HB1041 when the legislature convenes on May 24.