IMPD chief speaks about deadly police shooting livestreamed online

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INDIANAPOLIS — Two men were killed in two separate officer-involved shootings involving IMPD. The shootings took place less than eight hours apart.

In one case, a 21-year-old man livestreamed the moments leading up to his death.

Police claim the shooting at 62nd and Michigan started when officers tried to pull over a car for reckless driving. That led to a high-speed chase.

With sirens in background, Dreasjon Reed began to live stream from behind the wheel.

“Man I just can’t, I can’t go back to jail. Everybody knows me. I do not like jail,” said Reed.

For more than 13 minutes, Reed listened to music and continued to elude police.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I’m not going to jail today. No sir. You’ve got to catch me baby. I’m not going to jail today,” said Reed.

Reed eventually stopped at the scene of 62nd and Michigan and jumped out of his car.

What happens next is hard to decipher on the video. Reed gets out of the car and, presumably, runs. You can hear rustling and some voices, but you can’t see anything because the camera is obscured.

The camera pans up to show Reed briefly. A buzzing sound is heard—presumably, a Taser that police said was deployed during the incident.

Reed yells an expletive, and the camera pans up to the sky. Several gunshots ring out. The camera remains fixed on the sky for the duration of the video.

Police claim an officer tried to use his Taser on Reed, which was ineffective.  The police chief insists Reed pulled out a gun, and both men shot at each other.

In all, the police chief believes 15 shots were fired, with Reed firing twice. Photos of Reed holding the gun used in the shooting have been seen on social media.

“At this point I have no reason to think the officer didn’t act appropriately, but I’m waiting to see how the investigation plays out,” said IMPD chief Randal Taylor.

While the shooting remains under investigation, Taylor promised to be open and honest.

“It’s my commitment to the mayor this morning.  We will act with transparency.  We will act with fairness.  We will act with compassion,” said Taylor.

For their part, Reed’s family criticized the number of shots fired by police.

“No, he didn’t make the best choice. He probably could have pulled over. He probably could have stayed in the car. That does not mean it was okay for the police to shoot him 12 -15 times,” said Reed’s aunt Temesha Crockett.

After the shooting, Reed’s phone camera continued to roll and a different IMPD officer could be heard making inappropriate comments toward Reed’s body.

“Looks like it’s going to be a closed casket homie,” said that unidentified officer.

“Let me be clear. His comments are unacceptable and unbecoming of our police department.  We will be pursuing disciplinary action against that officer,” said Taylor.

The officer who pulled the trigger is on paid leave while the case is investigated. That is standard policy.

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