IMPD has names of suspects in unsolved November 2019 killing

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INDIANAPOLIS — When Joachim Rates turned 18 in early November of last year, he came into a little money, not a lot, a few thousand dollars, but enough for a teenager with big dreams and a plan to graduate high school and go on to college and learn to be a physical therapist.

“Joachim was a great kid,” said his mom Tammie Rates. “He played basketball, football. He loved his video games. He wasn’t a street kid. He was always was in the house. If he wasn’t in the house, he was playing ball. His upraising was beautiful. He was a lovely young man.”

Joachim took to social media to announce his newly acquired good fortune and picked up a used black Cadillac and was squiring a cousin around the eastside of Indianapolis a week later on November 10, 2019, when they stopped at a Speedway convenience store near Washington Square Mall just before 6 p.m.

Then they went to his cousin’s girlfriend’s house.

“My nephew was with him,” said Tammie. “My nephew gets out of the car and goes in the house. Joachim got shot in between that. My nephew, when he came out, said Joachim told him, ‘They followed us from the gas station.’ He told the detective what happened at the gas station. They were staring at him. He asked, ‘Who are these dudes?’ Joachim told him who he was, he went to school with him.”

Joachim had attended Warren Central High School.

“You know, there’s a small area around on the east side that these people go to,” said his father William Rates. “They’re not gonna go too much farther west or too much farther north or too much farther south. They all stay in this same area. And they were just there at the gas station and probably seen him on social media talking about celebrating his birthday, and he’s partying a little bit, and after that they followed him home from the gas station and they murdered my son.”

An IMPD homicide investigator told FOX59 News that while he has the names of the suspects, and a secondhand account of the killing, he still needs a witness willing to testify about the murder.

“All this shooting and killing, it needs to stop,” said Tammie, wiping a tear from her eyes as she stood next to her son’s Cadillac in his grandmother’s driveway. “It needs to stop.”

“My son was a normal child. He wasn’t no gangbanger. He was a good uncle, son, nephew, he was a good person, he was just normal,” said William. “I didn’t raise none of my kids to be killed, murdered, over nothing. That’s not the way I raised my kids. I grew up in the country. I do not like Indianapolis because I will tell you now of the violence that we have here. I’m not used to it. I’m not used to it, but, hey, I gotta live with it.”

If you can shed any light on the killing of Joachim Rates in the 1500 block of Tina Marie Circle last November, call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Your information could be worth a one thousand dollar reward.

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