IMPD increases patrols around malls, offers advice to keep shoppers safe


INDIANAPOLIS — Christmas morning is roughly three weeks away, and that means holiday shopping season is in full swing.

Thieves often target busy malls and shopping centers.

IMPD is adding extra patrols around these areas, in the parking lots, to help deter crime. Officers remind shoppers there are ways you can prevent thieves from targeting your vehicle.

“People often forget that if you leave your things in a visible area, they can be seen from outside the area,” Officer Tiffany Mastin said. “So purses, cell phones, charging cords indicate that there’s something potentially valuable within inside the vehicle.”

Mastin said thieves often target vehicles during the day because it is easier to see inside. She advises shoppers to wait to buy their expensive items last during their trips to the mall.

“TVs, large ticket items, if you could take those items home or buy them last so that they’re not sitting in a vehicle,” Mastin said.

To protect yourself during the holiday shopping season, Mastin also advises against carrying large amounts of cash.

“We consider this robbery season,” Mastin said. “I understand that we pay for things that way, but it keeps you safe in the event that somebody grabs your purse, your cash is not something that we can guarantee you’re ever going to get back unless you were to find your purse around the corner.”

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