IMPD investigate 5 armed robberies in just 90 minutes at apartment complexes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis police investigate a series of armed robberies overnight.

Police say 5 robberies took place in less just 90 minutes, all on the north and northwest sides of town. All 5 robberies took place at apartment complexes.

Police say some of the crimes clearly involve the same suspects.

Returning from work and parking her car overnight, a woman was startled to see two men running toward her.

“I saw two guys running through here with a gun and they pointed the gun on me said, ‘Give me your purse,’” said one victim Kpanah Teah.

Kpanah says the suspects ripped the purse off her arm and ran away.

The stunned victim actually tried to give chase, but the suspects jumped in a crowded car and sped away.

“I was crying but I started running behind them.  When I looked I saw that they get in the car and I saw a lot of people in the car.  The car was full,” said Teah.

A second victim, delivering newspapers overnight, says 2 armed men ran up to him in another apartment parking lot and demanded money.

“They said, ‘Empty your pocket.  I’m going to shoot you.  Empty your pocket.  I’ll going to shoot you. I’ll shoot you.’” said that victim who asked not to be identified.

When the suspects realized that victim only had 3 dollars on him, they got angry and the victim feared he’d be hurt.

“They said, ‘Oh, it’s 3 dollars!’ and then they were gone,” recalls that victim. “I am still shaking now.”

Around the same time on the northwest side, two armed suspects committed robberies at 3 different apartment complexes.

Police say those 3 stickups involved the same suspects, but although the crimes are similar, it`s not clear if all 5 crimes are related.

Luckily, all 5 victims survived without getting hurt.

“I`ve never experienced that before so I was so afraid.  I  was crying,” said Teah.  “It got me so afraid.  It got me afraid, because they could kill me this morning because I`m in the wrong place.”

Again it’s not clear if the 5 crimes involve 2 different sets of suspects.

Police did not have any other details to release, but anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers.

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