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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis police are investigating a pair of overnight shootings they say appear to be random yet related.

Both victims were shot while riding their bicycles. The first shooting took place around 4:45 am in the 1400 block of North Gladstone. The second victim was shot less than an hour later near the intersection of East 52nd Place and Mark Lane.

Police are investigating the possibility that both crimes involved the same suspect.

Just before sunrise, while riding his bike next to his dog to get some early morning exercise, a driver pulled up and asked a stranger for directions.

“He rolled down the window asked if I could help him because he was lost and needed to find Arlington,” said shooting victim Hanque Myers.

Hanque says out of nowhere the suspect suddenly shot him twice, once in the chest hitting his sternum.  The bullet just missed being deadly.

“The doctors that looked at me in hospital said I was one lucky man.  Just millimeters and I would have been dead,” said Myers.

The suspect sped away down the street driving a dark colored, possibly maroon, Chevy Impala and left Hanque dazed and bloody.

“Milliseconds went by and I thought, ‘You shot me.  Why did you shoot me?’ I need to get ahold of my wife,” said Myers.

Police say that same Impala was likely also involved in a shooting 45 minutes earlier on Gladstone on the city’s east side. That’s where another man riding his bike got shot and began screaming in pain.

“The screams sounded loud and high pitched, like something out of a horror movie,” said neighbor Stormy Berryman.

“I have no idea what his motivation was.  All he wanted was to ask me a question and shoot me,” said Myers.

Hanque doesn’t know why the suspect shot him or the second victim, but hopes whoever did is caught before anyone else falls victim.

“I don’t know what was going on in the man’s mind.  I hope he’s brought to justice and turn his life around.  He should be glad he didn’t kill anybody today,” said Myers.

Both victim will be okay.  Their wounds are not life threatening.

Anyone with information on either shooting can contact Crime Stoppers.