IMPD Officer Breann Leath’s legacy continues as artist surprises family


INDIANAPOLIS — Beloved fallen IMPD Officer Breann Leath continues to make an impact even on people she never met.

Four months have passed since she was killed on April 9 after responding to a domestic disturbance on the city’s east side. Her story captured the attention so many, including an artist in South Bend who wanted to create a work of art in her memory.

“I saw the news, and I immediately got heartbroken,” Brandon Sharpe explained. “I saw that it was kind of close to home. But even if it wasn’t, I still would have did it just because I had a vibration from God I would say, so that’s why.”

Sharpe made the trip from South Bend to Indianapolis on Thursday to surprise Bre’s mom, dad, and sister with a beautiful drawing he made of Officer Leath. A work of art he believes is “more of like a message from God, like to use my talent for good and to give back.”

As Tom, Jennifer and Tiana Leath sat on a park bench, Sharpe came around the corner and presented them with the masterpiece.

“He felt led by the Lord to do what he done,” Tom remarked. “Just to see that and see that God is still looking down on us to communicate to us through our daughter, I mean it’s an awesome feeling.”

Brandon explained that he felt led to add birds to the drawing of Bre, but was not sure why. Tiana noticed they are nearly identical to the birds on Bre’s tattoo – one of them is even a little different than the tattoo artist intended. Brandon’s drawing coincidentally reflected that bird.

“She got this tattoo, and it says, ‘This too shall pass,'” Tiana explained. “It’s these birds that look exactly like that, and Brandon didn’t know. He just was called to do that. He didn’t know what they were for, what they meant, he just put it on there. It’s even more funny cause the bird she had on her tattoo, the tattoo artist actually messed up a little bit. She always used to talk about it, and he drew that. It came from God. It came from God.”

Officer Leath found purpose in policing. Brandon finds purpose in his artwork. He often draws celebrities, or significant people in present day or the past.

“I wish I could make a career out of this and be able to travel and do things like this for people all over the world,” Sharpe said.” I feel like that’s a part of my purpose. A lot of people don’t know what they are put on earth for, they don’t know what their supposed to do but I feel like from the vibrations that I get and from the feelings that I get from doing it, I wish I could make a living out of traveling and doing things to lift people’s spirits.”

Officer Leath left our world on April 9, but her impact continues.

“Breann just wanted to make a difference,” Jennifer said. “If people are doing things in honor of her, and thinking of her, that means something cause no one wants to be forgotten. The biggest legacy is what you leave behind. She absolutely has made a difference in a lot of people she never met.”

To honor Bre, her family said always choose to do the right and kind thing.

“Breann is God-led,” Tiana said. “So you really can’t go wrong when you do the things that she does. Show compassion for others, treat everyone like a human being. You don’t know what people are going through.”

To connect with the artist, Brandon Sharpe of 2BSharpe Art, and to view more of his work, visit him at Some of his artwork is displayed below.

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