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INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly two weeks after IMPD Officer Thomas “Tommy” Mangan was shot in the throat in the line of duty, he’s now home from the hospital.

Mangan remained hospitalized from the shooting on Feb. 27 that left him with serious injuries to his Adam’s apple and voice box. He was discharged late Friday afternoon.

IMPD said due to the severity of his injuries, there is uncertainty regarding whether Mangan will return to normal breathing, speaking and swallowing.

Despite everything he’s been through, in a previous interview with FOX59, IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said that Officer Mangan wrote down for him that he wants nothing more than to put on his uniform again.

“The one thing that stuck out to me that made me check my own self the other day, is that the only thing he wants to do is put this uniform on,” said Bailey. “The thing that sometimes I take for granted every day that I have the opportunity to put on, that’s all he wants to get back to and our hope is that he does that.”

On Friday, he did just that. Although it’s not clear when he’ll return to the job, there is one thing that is clear, he has a lot of support by his side.

As Officer Mangan made his way down the halls of Eskenazi Hospital, lining the hallways were dozens of officers, nurses and medical staff, and his loved ones. By his side the entire way, was Officer Mangan’s wife.

Credit: IMPD

Mangan, who had only been in field training for about 3 weeks when he was injured, maintained a smile and in sign language, expressed his gratitude, saying “thank you” as he made his way through the hospital.

Since he was injured, IMPD said that Officer Mangan and his family have been leaning on their strong faith to help guide them through this process. That was on full display when he reached the exit of the hospital and stood up, signing to his fellow officers and medical care team.

“Tommy is very weak. But God is your strength.”

His message was met with an explosion of cheers from those there to show their support for the injured officer and his wife as they made their way home for the first time in nearly two weeks.

“His attitude is amazing, and I understand his whole family is people of faith,” said Lisa Rollings, executive director of the Central Indiana Police Foundation (CIPF).

On top of his faith, support has been pouring in from Officer Mangan’s IMPD family and the community beyond. So far, hundreds of people have sent cards with well wishes and messages thanking the officer for his service to his city.

With the blessing of the department and Officer Mangan’s family, the CIPF has set up a donation page to help support Mangan in his recovery.

“We feel like he should not have anything that is not taken care of, because he sacrificed so much,” said Rollings. “Part of what we do is come alongside the family. We create what we call our own CIPF GoFundMe, it’s not really a GoFundMe, but it’s the same idea.”

The fundraiser has been set up for anyone who may wish to donate to help ensure no needs go unmet for Mangan and his family.

“This is a great way, because he’s gonna be off for a period of time I’m sure,” said Rollings. “This will just help him in his road to recovery and not need to worry about anything financial.”

Anyone who wishes to donate, can also attach a note to Mangan and his family, which Rollings said will be forwarded.

According to the CIPF, 100% of donations will be forwarded to Officer Mangan and his family and every donation through their foundation is tax-deductible.

“We find whenever an officer is injured, people want to help, people want to help, people want to support our officers,” said Rollings.

Anyone who would like to donate or learn more about the fund can visit the link here.

You can also mail in a check, if you prefer. The address for that is:

1525 S Shelby Street

Indianapolis, IN, 46203

Aside from the CIPF and the Professional Police Officers Credit Union, Rollings said no other official donation pages have been approved for Officer Mangan and his family.

With a long road to recovery ahead, IMPD said it will continue to rally around Officer Mangan and his family and the department hopes those in the community will do the same.

IMPD said residents can send get-well cards and well-wishes to Officer Mangan at the following address:

IMPD Southeast District

Attn: Officer Thomas Mangan

1150 Shelby Street

Indianapolis, Indiana