IMPD Officer takes on fitness challenge, raises thousands of dollars to feed healthcare workers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An IMPD officer is using fitness and kindness to help those fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis.

IMPD Officer Brian Ramey challenge himself to drag a 40-lb tire for 13.1 miles.

“We may have a little resistance behind us, but we can keep moving,” said Brian Ramey, an IMPD Officer with Northwest District.

The reason behind the challenge was to raise money to help feed local nurses and doctors during their shifts.

“I put the extra weight on my back to kind of takeoff that weight of the healthcare workers,” said Officer Ramey.

Officer Ramey took on the challenge and then took to social media, asking the community to donate money to provide meals for local healthcare workers.  So far, nearly $3,800 has been donated, which is enough to feed around 300 people.

“That’s what’s amazing, not me dragging that tire. It’s the community that stepped up to help even during these tough times,” said Officer Ramey.

Officer Ramey is connecting with surrounding hospitals and nursing homes. With the surge expected to hit soon, Officer Ramey wants to start delivery the meals this week.

“It’s going to roll right into the middle of the surge of the week and if that’s what it is, I’m going to be right in front of their hospital delivering food,” said Officer Ramey.

For safety and convenience, all the meals will be prepackaged.  All the meals will be purchased from local restaurants which are struggling to stay open through this pandemic.

“We don’t want to lose our spots, our members of the community from something like this because they’re our friends and family member just as much as your neighbor is,” said Officer Ramey.

It took this police officer and part-time fitness instructor a little over five hours to walk and pull through 13.1 miles.

“We all think about them. They are putting in the hours,” said Officer Ramey.

Using healthcare workers as his motivation, perhaps not noticing his kind heart could be what inspires someone else to do some good.

 “There’s always someone out there hurting worse than me, so yes it was worth every step,” said Officer Ramey.

If you’re interested in helping, you can make a donation to Venmo: @Brian-Ramey-4.

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