IMPD safely kept around 700 guns off the streets in early 2019, latest numbers show

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department say it took up to 700 firearms from homes and crimes scenes between January and March. Those are the latest numbers IMPD offered on Friday.

“All of last year in 2018, we saw the confiscation of 3,300 firearms, which is significant,” Sgt. Jim Gillespie said.

IMPD said not all of those guns are taken from criminals though.

“That’s across all types of investigations,” Gillespie explained. “It could be just an investigation into a home where somebody didn’t want the firearm, maybe they had firearms before and said ‘hey, get rid of it, can you take this for us and destroy it,’ that counts those to search warrants for narcotics.”

On Thursday, IMPD confiscated two loaded firearms in two precincts during two separate traffic stops. Both of those guns were “illegally possessed.”

“Illegally possessed firearms would be those firearms that are stolen during any sort of incident that might occur such as a theft from a vehicle, or a burglary from a residence,” Gillespie said.

Sgt. Gillespie added people can help keep weapons out of the hands of criminals by safely storing them.

“You don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands,” Sgt. Gillespie said. “It could be anywhere from somebody breaking into your car if you’re keeping it under your seat. They can get a hold of that firearm, and you don’t want anything bad to happen to it when it’s your gun.”

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