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INDIANAPOLIS — Friday marks one year since Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Breann Leath was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance on the city’s east side. 

This week, her department is preparing for the ultimate celebration of her life with a number of services and ceremonies taking place to thank her for her sacrifice.

“Officer Breann Leath was my beat partner. What we like to call my work wife,” said IMPD Patrolman Desiree Biggers.

Patrolman Biggers and Officer Leath were inseparable. Bonded by TikToks where “Bre” showed her fun side, it’s that side that her fellow officers try to focus on when remembering their loss.

“There’s some days that are better than others,” said Biggers.

Regardless of the good or bad days, Detective Christa Dobbs, who was a mentor to Officer Leath, remains by Biggers side.

“We met at the academy during her first week on, and she was actually my very first mentee,” said Detective Dobbs.

She’s reminded of who Leath was while looking at the memorial wall forever on display at the IMPD East District where she once worked.

“To memorialize her service and sacrifice to the citizens of East District and to her brothers and sisters in law enforcement,” said Lt. Mike Leepper.

April 9 will make one year since Officer Leath was killed.

“It does not feel like a year. The year has flown by. It feels like we just lost her. Every time she did something awesome, it just made the whole department proud,” said Detective Dobbs.

That’s why the women of her department came together in the parking lot of the East District to scribble their personal messages to Bre in chalk.

“I miss you. And I’’ll always love you,” wrote Sergeant Michelle Lewis, who taught Leath at the academy.

She says Bre was made to become a police officer because she was already ready. They bonded over motherhood as Leath struggled often to find childcare when working to become an officer. Lewis says she never gave up regardless of her personal struggles.

“Bre impacted many just from coming in a room and lighting everything up with her smile,” said Sgt. Lewis.

One year later, it’s that light that they focus on while sharing their messages of love.

“I was her academy mom. I truly miss her and love her, and I always will,” Lewis said as tears rolled down her face.

Over the next few days, there are a number of events to commemorate Officer Leath. On Thursday, the department is holding a workout session where the public has been invited. Friday, a number of ceremonies are taking place at the Indiana Women’s Prison and at Leath’s gravesite.