IMS President Doug Boles joins fans at neighborhood porch parties

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. — The Indy 500 may be postponed until August, but that’s not stopping fans from celebrating the original race weekend on their porches.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) President Doug Boles made pit stops at the small gatherings happening in neighborhoods around the racetrack. He came bearing gifts while sharing his favorite memories with the fans. Boles says he often stops at homes flying Indy 500 swag just to thank them for their support, even if it’s not the month of May.

“Obviously there is tradition at all these parties. I’m hoping that people who have these parties, have them again in August, and they get their friends and family back together,” explains Boles.

His first stop was at the home of Ryan Pickering who lives next to the track. Boles hung around for roughly 30 minutes, while they all spoke of past Indy 500 races. Pickering races karts and has a race on Sunday in Henry County. He says it will be surreal to be racing on the original weekend of the Indy 500. Normally he is at IMS carrying on a unique tradition.

“Part of [kart racing] we get to do a lap around the Speedway, that’s probably one of the coolest events of the year for us,” says Pickering, “That’s a dream come true for us.”

Boles hopes normalcy returns before the 500 hits in late Summer, but he acknowledges the race could be a time to reunite people under a tradition that brings normalcy to Hoosiers.

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