INDIANAPOLIS – Concerns about crime have again become a major issue in the race for mayor, with incumbent Mayor Joe Hogsett, D-Indianapolis, facing criticism on his left and his right in recent days.

State Rep. Robin Shackleford, D-Indianapolis, is challenging the mayor for the party’s nomination, and unveiled her public safety plan this past week, calling for higher police salaries and the installation of a public safety director as previous administrations have employed.

“In 2015, Mayor Hogsett promised to put 150 more police officers on the street to protect our families and our neighborhoods,” said Shackleford, who appeared (video below) on last week’s edition of IN Focus. “Eight years later, we actually have fewer officers on the street than we did when he took office. In other words, he not only failed to deliver on his promise, but he’s also actually leading us backward. That is unacceptable. It’s time for Joe to go.” 

In response, the Hogsett administration blamed the rise in homicides on the pandemic and pointed to the mayor’s $150 million anti-violence plan.

In recent days, Republican candidate Jefferson Shreve has also been critical of Mayor Hogsett, with new ads on the air highlighting the issue of crime.

The mayoral primary will be held in early May.