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INDIANAPOLIS — A day after the State of the Union address, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez is in Indianapolis meeting with state party leaders. Perez talked with Matt Smith and Dan Spehler about a wide-range of issues including his reaction to the president’s address, the growing number of Democratic presidential hopefuls and the latest controversy surrounding state politics in Virginia. The DNC chair was also asked about the growing progressive movement within the party, and the political climate in Indiana after Sen. Donnelly’s loss last year: Perez also discussed the 2020 primary, with a large number of potential candidates already expressing interest in the race for President. Among them: South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who ran against Perez for DNC chair in 2017. Perez also discussed the potential candidacy of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who spoke at Purdue University on Thursday. “I think a vote for Howard Schultz as an independent, is a vote for Donald Trump,” said Perez. “I think that’s very clear.”