WINCHESTER, Ind. — Criminal charges continue to stack up against an Indiana man whose rap sheet already includes counts of murder and child molestation.

Larry J. Planck III is currently being held in Randolph County Jail on one count of murder after police were called to his Winchester home on April 2 and found a woman — later identified as Isabel Hernandez — shot to death on his front lawn.

Booking photo of Larry Planck III

Hernandez was reportedly pregnant with Planck’s child at the time of the deadly shooting, according to previous reports. Planck originally tried to spin the shooting as self-defense, claiming that Hernandez kicked in his door while holding a gun. His story didn’t add up, however, with police finding no weapon near the victim nor any signs of forced entry.

In late March, investigators working on the murder case ended up uncovering a hoard of images and videos that allegedly depict Planck molesting a child. Investigators claimed Planck could be seen and heard in several of the videos performing sex acts on the child. In one video, Planck even allegedly brags about molesting the underage victim.

New court documents reveal that the depths of Planck’s criminal acts continue to be mined by investigators after further damning evidence was reportedly uncovered that brought to life yet another of Planck’s alleged crimes.

In September, detectives working on the Isabel Hernandez homicide case uncovered a batch of Facebook messages allegedly sent by Planck that revealed yet another sex crime.

According to the court documents, between July and December of 2022, Planck sent dozens of sexual videos and images to a relative over Facebook. The videos include Planck performing sex acts on himself and with others while making comments about the relative, documents detail.

Investigators said Planck sent the relative several sexual messages that requested the relative to perform sex acts on him.

In one message, Planck even reportedly wrote, “There is nothing wrong with incest it’s fun and a nice rush being taboo.”

Investigators ended up speaking to the victim who told detectives that Planck did more than just send her/him messages. Police said the victim also accused Planck of forcing their hand onto Planck’s exposed penis and using the victim’s hand to pleasure himself.

Planck is also accused of sticking his hand down the victim’s underwear while they were sleeping.

New charges have been filed against Planck in Randolph County after investigators uncovered these latest allegations. On top of his past charges for murder and child molestation, Planck now will face charges of attempted incest, a Level 5 felony, and two counts of sexual battery, a Level 6 felony.

In Indiana, incest charges can be brought forward by authorities no matter the victim’s age.