Incumbent Jim Brainard wins Republican nomination for Carmel mayor

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CARMEL, Ind. –Jim Brainard is projected to take the Republican nomination for the mayor of Carmel.

With 200 of 200 precincts reporting Tuesday, Brainard earned nearly 56% of the vote with 8,194 votes , while his challenger, Fred Glynn, earned about 44% with 6,485 votes.

Brainard received the results during an election party that cheered when they learned the news.

“First of all I want to thank everybody who helped us and showed our trust in us by voting for us,” Brainard said. “I also recognize a lot of people didn’t vote for us and we’re gonna try very hard what they’re concerns and fears may be and try to provide better answers and a better dialogue as we go forward.”

Brainard is seeking to win his 7th term when general election voters head to the polls on Nov. 5. The incumbent has been the mayor of Carmel since 1996.

“We’re gonna continue to redevelopment our downtown, we’re gonna continue to focus on neighborhoods, we’re gonna continue to listen very carefully to what people want, continue to focus on green space and trails get the city connected, continue to work on our tax base and keep our taxes low,” Brainard said.

Fred Glynn, a Hamilton County county councilman, challenged him. Glynn raised concerns about the city’s fiscal responsibility, debt and spending during his campaign.

Glynn issued this statement, conceding to Brainard:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my family for standing shoulder to shoulder with me during this wonderful journey. This campaign was one focused on integrity, hard work, and a shared vision for the future of Carmel. I hope that Mayor Jim Brainard will listen to the countless voices that supported my message of fiscal responsibility, bringing our debt under control, and considering limiting the number of terms for the office of mayor. I will continue to serve Hamilton County as a County Councilman and I will continue to hold this administration accountable as a proud citizen of Carmel.”

Brainard said it was the nastiest campaign he’s been involved in, but is looking forward to staying positive and moving ahead.

The campaign was contentious and full of a few scandals. Glynn accused the Brainard campaign of bribery.

Brainard has also been accused of misconduct in recent weeks by the city’s clerk-treasurer who is supporting Glynn in the primary. Brainard has denied the accusations, but previously would not agree to do an interview about the campaign and the controversies that have emerged in recent weeks.

There is no Democratic challenger in the race.

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