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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana’s attorney general has announced that he’s fighting back against the opioid crisis that’s affecting thousands of Hoosier families.

On Tuesday afternoon, Curtis Hill announced a lawsuit aimed at members of the Sackler family that founded the drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma.

The attorney general’s lawsuit follows a previous lawsuit filed last year against Purdue Pharma. Both cases claim the drug manufacturer and the Sacklers contributed to the opioid crisis in Indiana and across the country.

“Here in Indiana, addiction and overdose have destroyed thousands of lives,” said Hill.

Surrounded by his complex litigation team, for the second time in six months, Hill announced he’s going after the pharmaceutical giant and now the Sackler family.

“We allege by intentionally understating the dangers of long term opioid use, Purdue Pharma played a key role in worsening the opioid crisis here in Indiana,” said Hill.

For years, Purdue Pharma has manufactured the controversial painkiller OxyContin, a drug commonly connected to overdose deaths.

At the same time, Hill claims the Sackler family made billions off the company’s deceptive practices.

“We believe the Sacklers’ wrongful acts directly contributed to addiction death and devastation in Indiana and across this country,” said Hill.

Similar cases have been filed in other states and there is no timeline for Indiana’s two lawsuits to be decided, but Hill says any civil gains will be used to combat addiction.

“The Sackler family and Purdue Pharma bear responsibility for causing this crisis and now must bear responsibility to fix it,” said Hill.

The lawsuit filed last year against Purdue Pharma remains pending in Marion County Superior Court.

Purdue Pharma is in no way associated with Purdue University.