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LAWRENCE, Ind. — As Hoosiers hit the road for holiday destinations, Lawrence police want to ensure your home is safe and secure while you are away.

With Christmas Day on a Saturday this year, that means many businesses may be closed Thursday and Friday to allow families time to travel.

For those going away, a change to your routine could be just what robbers are looking for to get into your home.

“Make sure that your home, your light are on at night. Don’t break your routine, so if you have to set up for whatever reason to have your lights come on automatically, that is an indicator to people who are out that there is someone home,” said Tracey Cantrell, commander of administration with the Lawrence Police Department.

It’s also important to make sure that things like your mail or newspapers don’t stack up, another sign that nobody is home.

“When it comes to you being out of town on vacation, you should either have the post office stop your mail and have them hold it until you return or if you have a neighbor who is trust worthy to grab that, that way it still has the appearance that you’re home,” Cantrell said.

And while you may be tempted to celebrate the trip you are about to take, hold off on sharing those plans online.

“Don’t post on any social media of your travel plans, don’t post any of your photos of your destination until you get back,” Cantrell said, “because you actually have individuals who will check just to see, they could be friend of a friend, and to see if you’re not home, there’s potential for them to break in.”

It’s also important to keep safe on the roads, as many will be driving to their holiday destinations. Cantrell reminded Hoosiers to stay off their phones when behind the wheel, and give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.

Once the gifts are opened, police recommended that you not let the boxes pile up on your curb or where they can be seen.

This can attract the attention of those looking to take your new items likes TV’s and other electronics. So break down the boxes and don’t put them out until trash day.