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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.–More than 100 colleges across the country, including some here in Indiana, joined in protest to declare their schools sanctuary campuses.

The hashtag #sanctuarycampus has been trending on twitter.

Organizers of the protest say the goal of the walkout is aimed at “claiming a space of resistance and protection for our country’s most vulnerable people, including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, black people and queer folks.”

IU Bloomington, IUPUI, Depauw and Notre Dame all took part in Wednesday’s walkout.

On IUPUI’s campus, students say their involvement with the protest stems from a rash of hate speech spread across the campus during the past week.

Organizer Hector Morales says hateful flyers were posted aimed at minorities, Muslims and those in the LGBTQ community. He says the goal of the protest is to demand that no one on campus feel unsafe.

“America is a diverse country and we’re here to show that today that America will not stand for racism, homophobia or anything that diminishes any minority,” he said.

After the walkout, the protestors delivered a petition signed by hundreds of students to the chancellor of the school. The protest demanded he declare the campus a sanctuary campus. It was signed by hundreds of students.

The protestors said their ultimate goal is to get people to become more sensitive to the needs of minorities and anyone that feels like an “outsider.” They say they hope to rid their campus’ of any and all hate.