Indiana man behind bizarre caveman costume speaks out after causing confusion


Picture of Warsaw caveman courtesy of Michelle Smith Ledrew

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WARSAW, Ind. – A very bizarre and unusual sight has people in a northern Indiana community confused.

A man dressed us as a caveman was spotted strolling around town this week. He was first spotted on Tuesday at the park in Winona Lake and the park in Warsaw. Then on Wednesday, people reported seeing him downtown.

Michelle Smith Ledrew, owner of women’s boutique store Glam, says she was working behind the counter when a large man with long hair and a club walked into the doorway of her store.

Ledrew tells FOX59 that she froze when she saw him. “I couldn’t think of what to say.”

The two made eye contact, and he walked out of her business. Ledrew says he started looking into the windows of other stores, and she used that opportunity to take a quick picture of him.

“If I hadn’t taken a picture to prove it, who knows what people would be thinking of me,” Ledrew said.

FOX59 spoke directly with the caveman who said it wasn’t his intention to cause any harm to anyone.

The caveman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he just recently started an online business called Warsaw Man Cave. He sells second-hand items that people can put in their man caves. The business is only on Facebook, so he was hoping to get free advertisement for it.

He said he bought the costume on Tuesday, and he planned to wear it at events and in parades.

“But then I remembered the clowns that went viral last year, and it was such a beautiful night, so I decided to test it out at the park in Winona Lake.”

He wore a wig that covered his face, and despite the fact that he’s lived in Warsaw for 40 years, not a single person recognized him.

“I ran into people I knew, and they didn’t know who I was. I didn’t say a single word the entire time. I just walked around.”

The caveman emphasized that it was all meant to be in good fun, and he said most people loved it.

“I love my town, and I love my community and I wasn’t trying to cause any harm to anyone.”

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