Indiana COVID recoveries vastly outnumber deaths

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- On Friday, it was announced that 42 more Hoosiers have died from COVID 19, Bringing the total number of deaths in the state to 519.

However, for the first time the state also released recovery data, showing thousands more have recovered.

“As concerning as any bad numbers are, these figures show us that a lot of people are recovering and most people will recover,” said Dr. Peter Embi, President of the Regenstrief Institute.

Dr. Embi was behind gathering the data. Of the nearly 8,000 positive cases analyzed, about 35% visited the emergency room, 26% were admitted and 6% went to the ICU.

Carmel firefighter Kevin Young was one of those patients admitted to the hospital. He’s 40 years old with no underlying health conditions.

“I remember telling my wife this is as bad as I’ve ever felt in my life,” Young said earlier this week.

On average, most patients who are admitted spend about 9 days in the hospital, but Young only spent 3. He’s also one of the 68% of patients who were discharged, and now a month later he’s fully recovered.

“It put me down,” Young said. “I was totally wiped out in every way possible from this thing.”

About 12% of hospitalized patients died of the virus, but Dr. Embi says there are positives to take away. 75% of the state’s ventilators are still available, along with nearly half of the ICU beds.

“I think that’s what some of the numbers are telling us also, is that when people do need to go to the intensive care unit, they’re going. When they need a ventilator, they’re getting it.”

Dr. Embi says that’s because social distancing and the stay at home orders are working, and if we continue, the light at the end of the tunnel will soon start to shine.

“A lot of people have been infected, some fraction of them have become so sick they need to go to the hospital, but the vast majority of those people leave the hospital and recover,” Dr. Embi said.

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