Indiana Department of Education launches 'INview' portal to help parents track school data

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- There’s a new online tool that can help you decide what school or district is the best fit for your child.

Pam Dechert wants the best education for her sixth grade son at Forest Glen in Lawrence Township.

“Everyone wants their child or children to go to a high quality school, especially a high quality public school,” said Dechert.

She’s researched how her son’s school compares to others in the district and across the state. She thinks this could be useful for all families.

“People look at that when they’re buying a house, when they’re renting a house and when they’re thinking about where they want to move and raise a family,” Dechert added.

She used a tool called INview, which launched two weeks ago. Think of it as a parent portal. Adam Baker with the Indiana Department of Education calls it a question and answer format.

“That very first page has so much information,” said Baker.

INview was created by the Indiana Department of Education and a team of parents who worked together to collaborate what parents need to know as they either look for a school or keep up to date with how their school is performing. It’s a website compiled with current information and data, which is the difference from the previous data website called Compass.

A different between INview and Compass is that INview is more accessible and easy to comprehend. Although there is a lot of data, it’s showcased in a way parents can use and understand quickly.

Parents can compare how much school districts spend per student, test performances, school letter grades, how many teachers are highly effective and student attendance. You can also breakdown how schools match up with the state average.

“Two of the major ones we have is the school environment, how many suspensions? How many arrests were made on campus? How many bullying incidents?” explained Baker.

Dechert hopes all parents take a moment to do their homework.

“It’s really about what do these numbers mean for my student?” Dechert explained. “What do these numbers mean for the whole school? But then you put that together with let me go see that school in action.”

INview cost the state roughly $690,000 over a three year period.

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