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INDIANAPOLIS — The Eastside Economic Recovery and Mobility District has been named the newest 21st Century Talent Region.

This is a statewide designation awarded to Indiana communities focused on working collaboratively to attract, develop and connect talent.

The area is being recognized for its work bringing Hoosiers together through education and business opportunities. This includes the neighborhoods near Arsenal Tech High School and Brookside Park.

Teresa Lubbers, the Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education, voiced her appreciation for work that’s already being done between state and east side organizations.

“That’s been accelerated by recent events and COVID-19 and all the ways in which we have a vivid reminder of the fact that we are leaving too many people behind, and an obligation to make sure we do better in the future,” Lubbers said.

This is the sixth 21st Century Talent Region. It joins Northeast Indiana, Southeast Indiana, the Indiana Uplands, Hamilton County and South Bend-Elkhart.