Indiana drivers dodge potholes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 10, 2014) — FOX59 is taking action to help you with what could be a devastating problem. As potholes are developing more and more across Central Indiana, the chances of you driving in to one is going to go up. Because of that, we’re telling you how you can report any damage to your car and maybe get reimbursed.

It’s not only potholes, your damaged mailbox may be able to be reimbursed. If the canopy of snow from a plow’s shovel knocked it down, or crushed it, you can file a claim with the city for reimbursement of costs to buy a new one.

Go to the City of Indianapolis website for the list of what you’ll need, and the directions are simple.

You’ll need to have some documentation, including the date, time and location of where it happened, as well as the circumstances. Also, have a copy of a bill or estimate and a description of what happened. You’ll then send it all to the city’s Corporation Counsel for review and possible reimbursement of expenses paid.

Here is the link for the City of Indianapolis for the way to report property damage:

Keep in mind, time is of the essence. The city gives you 180 days from when the damage occurred to make a claim.

The website to report a pothole to the city is

After the page has loaded, you can click on “file a pothole report” to begin that process.

You can also report potholes to the Indiana Department of Transportation. You can call 1 (855) 463-6848 or go visit their Facebook and Twitter pages. INDOT says they usually patch potholes with in a 24 hour period if manpower allows.

If a pothole damaged your vehicle on a road maintained by INDOT, click this link to get to the form to fill out:

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