Indiana girl who lost leg in accident now teaching others lawnmower safety

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Riding lawnmowers are responsible for about 800 childhood injuries every year, many of which lead to amputation.

One Indiana family knows the danger all too well.

A year ago, Italia McAllister lost her foot when she got too close to a lawnmower. She was then treated at Riley Hospital for Children.

Italia is now 6 years old and has a prosthetic leg. Her parents say it hasn’t slowed her down, but there are still some difficult times.

“Every day is not all smiles and giggles but we do the best we can to make sure everything is right and she’s as happy as can be,” said Italia’s mother, Robyn.

They now do what they can to help keep other kids safe.

“Seeing kids on lawnmowers now is just heart-wrenching and makes your jaw just drop to the floor and your gut just falls out,” said Robyn. “And sometimes I confront them because I’m like hey, this can happen.”

Since the accident, Italia has taught her classmates about lawnmower safety. Her family is also raising money for a Riley Hospital wagon.

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