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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana’s stay-at-home order is in effect, but grocery stores are classified as “essential businesses.” That means they will remain open, but you’ll notice changes at some local stores to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Kroger is one of those grocery store chains making changes, and you’ll see the changes right when you walk in the door. They want to serve customers, but they also have to keep employees safe.

The company added clear partitions at cash registers, the pharmacy, and Starbucks counters (for stores with Starbucks) to promote physical distancing.

Another change is floor decals added at checkouts so you know where that safe distance is. That is something Meijer is doing as well.

Also, Kroger employees will wear protective gear like masks and gloves.

You’ll see similar changes at Market District and GetGo convenience stores. They say they’re also continuously evaluating their business practices.

Also, many 24-hour locations are now closed overnight so employees can clean and stock shelves. Other stores are making the first hour they’re open available only for seniors. So before you visit the grocery store, check their hours by going to their website or giving them a call.

On Wednesday, Meijer asked its customers to temporarily stop using reusable bags at stores throughout Indiana as well as other states.

And remember the virus can live on surfaces, so when you get home from the grocery store use dish soap to wipe down those containers you just bought. Also, clean your produce and wash the counter where you set those items and any other place the food touched. Lastly, you may be getting sick of this reminder by now, but remember to wash your hands.