INDIANAPOLIS — Over Memorial Day weekend, people remember the soldiers who lost their lives while serving our country. The weekend was marked by many events including the Rolling Thunder Indiana chapter Ride for Freedom.

The event happens every year on the Sunday of Memorial Day. They visit different memorials in Indiana each year. This year, they visited the memorials at the American Legion Mall downtown.

“It’s just my way of paying back to them for what they have done I mean you know we wouldn’t be able to celebrate the Indianapolis 500 and all these other things that’s going on today without them on the battlefield paying the ultimate price,” said Michael Clark, president of Rolling Thunder Indiana Chapter 1.

Participants started off at the Fort Harrison Veterans Center for a program that included remarks from guest speakers and the Missing Man Table ceremony presentation. Afterward, they rode to the American Legion Mall.

At the mall, the chapter provided historical information about each memorial at the mall and performed a wreath-laying ceremony. They also performed a roll call ceremony for the 51 Indiana soldiers unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

The organization says the nation currently has more than 81,600 warfighters unaccounted for. Indiana alone has 104 from WWI, 1,501 from WWII, 172 from the Korean War, and 51 from the Vietnam war.