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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A new sports hub on Butler University’s campus is part of a growing global phenomenon.

The space will be designed to hold the new Esports and Gaming Lounge.  It’s becoming one of the most popular industries and schools across central Indiana are taking notice.

The esports industry has risen so quickly that schools and businesses are finding new ways to keep up.

“Esports has kind of made its name already,” said Adam Krudy, the Director of Player One in Carmel.

Krudy and his team are big e-sport gamers and they’re not alone.

Provided by Butler University

“It’s kind of an escape, for anyone,” Krudy added, “Esports is getting a lot more attention than some of the major sports like the NFL, NBA just by itself.”

High schools, universities and businesses across Indiana are investing in the growing industry. In fact, experts call it a billion-dollar industry. Krudy says, there’s a reason why.

“It’s all-inclusive, which makes it open for anyone to be a part of esports in some capacity,” said Krudy.

Anyone at any age.  At Butler University, they’re nearing the completion of a new e-sports and gaming lounge on campus. It’s expected to open in November. The Butler esports team will practice and compete in the space, but Butler says, that’s just the beginning.

Provided by Butler University

The university has plans to add a much larger, 7,500 square foot multi-use space that would feature 50 gaming PCs. According to Butler, the future Esports and Technology space will have broadcasting production capabilities for live video, a coworking space, a cafe, and a small office space available for lease.

“Where are all of the eyes? So, there are a lot of schools, the military, lots of groups are using this now as a recruitment tool,” said Krudy.

A team of Kokomo High School students will compete against 13 other Indiana teams this fall in the state’s first season of high school esports.

Provided by Kokomo School Corporation

According to Kokomo High School, history teacher Matt Myers launched the esports team. The new team allows students to pursue a passion or hobby, while also developing important soft skills needed in the workforce.

“Students on our esports team are learning important skills, including the 4 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking,” said Myers in a press release.

Krudy says it’s not just about the competition, it’s about the opportunities that reach much further than the game.

Provided by Kokomo School Corporation

“Whether it be live production, computer graphic design,” explained Krudy, “Kids that are sixteen winning millions of dollars playing a game like Fortnite and examples like that are what’s exciting to youth, what Butler is trying to do, what a lot of these collegiate programs are trying to accomplish are essentially just a pathway for these kids to go professional.”

The future Esports and Technology space at Butler University is expected to open in fall 2020.

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