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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 12, 2015) – The federal government approved four flavors of powdered alcohol and it has some Indiana lawmakers concerned. The product is called Palcohol. A person is supposed to add water, shake the product, and within 30 seconds they can have a cocktail.

The person behind Palcohol, Mark Phillips, said he came up with the idea because he liked to enjoy a drink after an outdoor activity, but did not like having to carry bottles.

Four flavors have been approved and those are rum, vodka, cosmopolitan and powderita. One pouch is supposed to be equivalent to one drink. It is unclear how much Palcohol will cost.

Meanwhile, Senator Jim Merritt,  who co-authored a bill that passed the senate, would like to regulate powdered alcohol in the state.

“First of all, it’s kind of outrageous the federal government has approved Palcohol in 4 flavors. This is something that we got to worry about with children now. We’ve got to worry about fraternity parties, where it’s sprinkled on someone’s pizza. It is not acceptable and we’re just fortunate that we’re going to be able to regulate it in this state,” Senator Merritt said.

Senator Merritt does not want any Hoosiers exposed to it.

“I am very concerned about this on a national scale, but at least in Indiana we can make sure actually…people don’t get it in their hands,” Senator Merritt said.

The bill passed the Senate. The House will take a look at it. It has not been heard in committee yet.