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INDIANAPOLIS – On the site to register for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, Hoosiers can now see which vaccine is available at each site. Doctors are urging residents to get the dose that is first available rather than waiting to get a specific one.

The one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine is 66 percent effective against both moderate and severe cases of COVID-19. Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines have efficacy rates in the 90s.

“As far as protection against severe COVID illness, hospitalization and death, these three vaccines are superb,” said Dr. Lana Dbeibo, Medical Director for Infection Prevention at IU Health.

Dr. Dbeibo noted Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine was studied in multiple countries, including Latin America and South Africa. In those countries, she said there were a lot of variants there at the time and that brought down the efficacy rate.

On Wednesday, Indiana opened eligibility to anyone 50 years and older. As vaccine is eligible, Hoosiers age 40 and older will become eligible incrementally. That will capture more than 90 percent of all Hoosiers with co-morbidities.

Health officials say the goal is to prevent hospitalization and death.

Johnson and Johnson reported the vaccine was 85 percent effective in preventing severe disease across all regions studied and showed protection against COVID-19 related hospitalization and death.

“As you are waiting for that what you think would be better for you, you are potentially putting yourself at risk for a week or more,” Dr. Dbeibo explained.