Indiana restaurant chain asking customers to skip the straw


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MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Would you skip the straw?

Servers at Hacienda Restaurants will no longer automatically offer you one when you come in to eat. It’s a move intended to be environmentally friendly.

Instead of automatically putting straws in water, soda, tea or other beverages, servers will instead ask guests if they want one, according to WSBT.

It’s not a big change, but officials with the restaurant chain think it could make a difference.

“Instead of automatically putting straws with every water or soda, we are going to ask the guests would you like a straw and we think that some guests will opt not to,” said Jeff Leslie, chief marketing officer for Hacienda. “In which case, less straws will go into the landfill.”

Hacienda has more than a dozen locations around Indiana, including South Bend, Mishawaka, Kokomo and Evansville. The chain started in Mishawaka 40 years ago.

The restaurants have posters on the walls asking guests to skip straws. The company said the idea was inspired by other restaurants that have made similar moves.

Still, at least one drink will automatically come with a straw: the frozen margarita. It’s a little unwieldy to drink one without it!

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