Indiana sees COVID uptick, state health officials chime in

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Hoosier state reported 1302 new coronavirus cases Wednesday afternoon. That’s the highest number of positive cases since October 2nd.

The main question we wanted to know is what metrics are being watched to determine if we need to scale back reopening. We did not get a clear answer. Instead, the state says they are learning how to handle different counties that are seeing more positive cases, while deaths and hospitalizations are again becoming grounds for concern.

“Some of the changes you’re seeing this week are a result of outbreaks at long term care facilities. Another county is dealing with the fall out of more than 30 cases tied to a single event in which people gathered indoors in close proximity without wearing masks,” says Indiana State Health Commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box.

Dr. Box says certain counties in the state are beginning to see an uptick especially within the last month. Within the uptick, they’re noticing more people under the age of 20 are spreading the virus to those who are most susceptible.

“The concern is as those individuals are out in the communities they go home to their families, they go to family gatherings, weddings, funerals, whatever that is that they tend to infect older age groups,” said Dr. Box.

Now causing the number of hospitalizations to increase over 1,000 patients with COVID-19 or symptoms, Dr. Box attributing that partially to Labor Day.

Meanwhile Governor Eric Holcomb continues to send a reminder that this fight is everyone’s responsibility.

“Until we get to that day where we have a vaccine and more therapeutics between now and then it’s up to us to act responsibly and that’s the way that we can control the spread,” said Governor Holcomb.

And just because we’re in stage 5 doesn’t mean you take the pressure off the pedal and throw out the practices that have been preached.

“A lot of people have told me that being in stage 5 means that we’re back to normal, pre-COVID, and it really doesn’t. It means that we’re continuing to social distance not only within our restaurants, our gyms, our bars. We are continuing to wear masks inside,” said Dr. Box.

The City of Chicago says if the numbers in the Hoosier state continue to increase Indiana will be added to their no travel order. Right now, this is just a warning. Health officials here simply say Indiana and its leaders are doing what works for them, the state and Hoosiers.

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