INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana hospitals tell FOX59/CBS4 they are experiencing a spike in COVID-19 case numbers around the state.

One of the hospitals that has seen an increase in cases is Indiana University Health, according to the hospital’s Chief Quality Safety Officer Paul Calkins.

“We’ve got about 50 people in the hospital right now,” Calkins said. “That’s up from the mid-teens from back in July.”

This, according to health experts, is a national trend.

“Nationally, we’ve seen an 18% increase in hospitalizations and a little over 20% of the increase in deaths from COVID-19,” said Thomas Duszynski, a professor at IU’s School of Public Health.

The state’s health department reports recent data shows more than 500 new cases of COVID-19 are reported each day.

In the last month, emergency room visits for COVID-related symptoms are up from a couple trips daily to an average of 35 people hospitalized daily.

“We’re spending more time inside with other people, especially in schools and work,” Duszynski said. “So, we expect transmission to occur.”

Doctors have said symptoms don’t always include a loss of taste or smell but are often fatigue, headache, cough, or a stuffy nose.

“E.G5 is the most dominant variant across the country,” said Duszynski.

Health experts said getting the latest COVID-19 vaccine will help people avoid the worst of the virus.

“This is the first time we have vaccines for the three biggest respiratory threats in history,” said Professor Duszynski.

The latest vaccines for COVID-19, flu and RSV are expected to be available in mid-September.
Health experts also advise you to ensure any at-home COVID-19 tests aren’t expired. Tests from six months or a year ago may not be good anymore.